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AlphaSwing was born in response to the 2007 financial crisis, a solution to the prevailing uncertainty. Our team brings together expertise from traditional finance on Wall Street, spanning equities, options, derivatives, and computer science. Behind the scenes, our mission is to offer education led by individuals with deep-rooted Wall Street experience, making complex financial concepts accessible to those outside traditional financial circles.

At the core of our mission lies a commitment to solving the challenge of limited access to education and advanced technological tools faced by many in the financial landscape. In contrast to larger firms, we stand as a comprehensive solution. Our team, with diverse expertise in traditional finance on Wall Street, covering equities, options, derivatives, and computer science, is dedicated to offering unparalleled education. We bridge the gap by providing sophisticated financial knowledge and cutting-edge technology that empowers individuals, ensuring access to the same resources as major financial institutions.


We know that your financial success hinges on the quality of our signals. That's why we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of precision. Your financial future deserves nothing less. Join us, and let's navigate the markets together, armed with signals you can trust.


Our commitment to quantitative data-driven sentiment analysis means we provide you with the tools and knowledge to minimize risk, protect your investments, and maximize your gains. Financial security is our top priority, and we're here to empower you with the information you need to make sound, risk-managed decisions.


Tracing Our Journey

The founder and originator of AlphaSwing is a biologist, chemist, and genetic engineer, a thirty-year veteran of the financial services industry. He has held many positions, from the back office to the front office, with detailed experience in market data, trading, and exchange systems technology development.


Start: 04/01/2006

In April 2006 the founder served as an Independent Third-Party Technology Development Partner. By February 2007 the founder of AlphaSwing was a dually registered Broker and Chief Technology Officer for two prominent brokerage operations in New York and Chicago. After development of one of the most successful Options Market Smart Order Routing Platforms, that achieved 10% of the OCC’s Daily Executed Options Volume, ~ (487K Contracts per day), within 9 months of operation.


Big Success: 04/01/2008

By April 2008 the onset of the Global Financial Crisis was in full swing. By October 2008 AlphaSwing was born out of necessity in response to the financial crisis and Wall Street escapades as a personal solution to the prevailing uncertainty.


Development: 01/01/2011

By January 2011 the founder had developed a derived predictive analytic / objective indicator using market data model inputs. This indicator in combination with 4-day market cyclicality patterns, Wednesday news flow patterns, and reversions to the mean patterns formed the basis in understanding of gap and fill behaviors of the market. It was determined through scientific methodologies that the AlphaSwing price-point predictions were quantifiable and reproducible.


Continuous Integration: 06/01/2022

In June of 2022 the second iteration of the fully programmatic beta version of AlphaSwing is completed. Enrichment and enhancement of this version have been ongoing since its release.


Continuous Development: 05/01/2023

In May of 2023 AlphaSwing’s founder is introduced to a recent Financial Computer Science major who has applied machine learning to a Large Language Model on corporate filings. This model is a predictive analytic used for Sentiment Analysis known as “Priye’”. Our collective team has decided to add this tool to our suite of offerings in an attempt to level the playing field. Thereby, providing Main Street investors with data insights that were once exclusively available only to the Wall Street elite. It is our hope that this quantitative edge will assist our consumers outperform those of major firms ensuring that they have a competitive edge in today’s market. We invite all visitors to become registered subscribers and learn how to harness the power of data in order to make better actionable decisions and stay ahead of the game with us.

Our Services

AlphaSwing Services

Research Analysis

Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive research analysis.

Risk Management

Safeguard your investments with our robust risk management strategies.

Trade Education

Empowering traders with comprehensive education for informed decision-making.

Trade Selection

Precision in trade selection, maximizing opportunities in every market move.

Earning Call Sentiment

Leverage our advanced sentiment analysis tools to interpret and act upon nuanced signals from earnings calls.

Stock Management

Retain control over your portfolio as you navigate the markets with your preferred brokerage.

SEC Filings Sentiment

Detect thematic and latent changes in SEC forms to guide you where the company is going.

Trade Analytic

Harness sophisticated analytics to gain valuable insights into market trends and optimize your trading strategies.


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Always Faster

We are a faster education service.

Always Reliable

Consistent results for your signals.
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  • Up to five equities
  • Three signals per day
  • News Sentiment
  • Filings Sentiment
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  • Up to five equities
  • Three signals per day
  • News Sentiment
  • Filings Sentiment

...Harness the power of data to make better decisions

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AlphaSwing uses analytics to provide you with trade education and trade signals.

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The AlphaSwing site is intended exclusively to provide information and education to help individuals better understand price points and sentiment in the markets. However, this information is not to be construed as professional advice as to the buying and selling of securities or other investment instruments.

In no event does AlphaSwing or its affiliates express any opinion with respect to, or make recommendations regarding, the purchase or sale of any particular security or other investment instrument.

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities and buying or selling decisions are solely within the personal discretion of each individual.

The information provided by this site is Mathematical in nature and supported using predictive tools and analytics that may not necessarily reflect those in the actual market.